Change to Maiden Name Made Easier for Divorced Women

Under current law, a divorced woman is required to pay for a legal notice in a newspaper telling the world she wants to revert to using her maiden name if she did not include a name-change request in her divorce judgment. Many feel that publishing that type of notice is embarrassing, intrusive and time-consuming. They would be right on all counts.

Governor Pritzker is expected to sign a new law which eliminates this antiquated legal requirement of publishing notice in a newspaper by a divorced woman of her intention to revert to the use of her maiden name.

As a divorce law firm, we always inquire of a divorcing woman whether or not she wants the right (it’s not an obligation) to resume the use of her maiden name. We protect her right by either entering a separate Court Order giving her leave of court to resume the use of her maiden name or by including a provision in her Judgment for divorce giving her that right. By doing so, we have eliminated her need to publish and the required legal notice.

This new law is designed to protect divorcing women who don’t know to ask a lawyer to include her right to resume the use of her maiden name. It also will be of benefit to a divorcing woman who cannot afford a lawyer to assist with her divorce.

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